New Project "Reflections"

The new project I'm working on is "Reflections" and should be finished and ready to release by July 2019!

What I have to always remember in naming a project, the title has to be the thread that pulls all the songs together.  So with "Reflections" the songs will reflect upon my past and present. What have I learned in my journey? What do I want to pass along with my legacy? 

My focus is producing the best music I can with some of my great musician friends to enhance the music and have fun working on this project together. I've always done the music alone so I'm very excited to have this talent make the music even better. 

Tom Sillers- Bass guitar

Jeffrey Sillers- Drums

Ray Shivers- Drums

Seth Delzell- Electric Guitar

So far that's the list, but I am asking others to do backup vocals and piano.