Reflections Project is almost completed!

I have been working on "Reflections" for about 8 months now and very close to completion! I have two more songs I would like to do, "One More Song" which is a light-hearted, fun song, very upbeat. The other "I'm Nothing Without You" which speaks very clearly about my relationship with God but has a romantic tone too. 

I'm getting great feedback from several of the songs, "The Warrior" was written for anyone going through challenges including cancer, PTSD, depression or really anything that you are struggling with. I had someone tell me the song helped them find the courage to continue to fight. That's something a songwriter really loves to hear! 

So thank you everyone for your support on this project! A few of the songs are already on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, iHeart Radio and many more. This was a great project! Every song inspired with a lot of studio time. I also have collaborations that I am very excited about! I will probably have updates to many of the songs as I'm collaborating with fellow musicians. 

Thank you for listening!