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Thank you so visiting the website for Timothy Shewmake!  

If you enjoy listening to Classic Acoustic Rock and original music you will love Tim's music. Here's a few things about what he does:

  • He performs music in the style it was written, doesn't change the words or the tone of the song
  • People often say to him "did you write that song"? He sings it like he wrote it, heart felt and passionate
  • He rarely takes breaks! Most musicians are "on 45 off 15". Tim believes in performing as much music as he can in the allotted time
  • He's not in it for fame or money, it's all about giving the audience a great, memorable experience

Personal info: Has 1 daughter, Aubre' Shewmake, a very accomplished artist, owner of Warrior Paint. All paintings are donated to "warriors" who are battling cancer, PTSD, autism or has any physical or mental challenge they are battling with. These are the true warriors and heroes. 

Reflections Project is almost completed! 

I have been working on "Reflections" for about 8 months now and very close to completion! I have two more songs I would like to do, "One More Song" which is a light-hearted, fun song, very upbeat. The other "I'm Nothing Without You" which speaks very clearly about my relationship with God but has a romantic tone too. 

I'm getting great feedback from several of the songs, "The Warrior" was written for anyone going through challenges including cancer, PTSD, depression or really anything that you are struggling with. I had someone tell me the song helped them find the courage to continue to fight. That's something a songwriter really loves to hear! 

So thank you everyone for your support on this project! A few of the songs are already on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, iHeart Radio and many more. This was a great project! Every song inspired with a lot of studio time. I also have collaborations that I am very excited about! I will probably have updates to many of the songs as I'm collaborating with fellow musicians. 

Thank you for listening! 


New Project "Reflections" 

The new project I'm working on is "Reflections" and should be finished and ready to release by July 2019!

What I have to always remember in naming a project, the title has to be the thread that pulls all the songs together.  So with "Reflections" the songs will reflect upon my past and present. What have I learned in my journey? What do I want to pass along with my legacy? 

My focus is producing the best music I can with some of my great musician friends to enhance the music and have fun working on this project together. I've always done the music alone so I'm very excited to have this talent make the music even better. 

Tom Sillers- Bass guitar

Jeffrey Sillers- Drums

Ray Shivers- Drums

Seth Delzell- Electric Guitar

So far that's the list, but I am asking others to do backup vocals and piano. 

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