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If you enjoy listening to Classic Acoustic Rock and original music you will love Tim's music. Here's a few things about what he does:

  • He performs music in the style it was written, doesn't change the words or the tone of the song
  • People often say to him "did you write that song"? He sings it like he wrote it, heart felt and passionate
  • He rarely takes breaks! Most musicians are "on 45 off 15". Tim believes in performing as much music as he can in the allotted time
  • He's not in it for fame or money, it's all about giving the audience a great, memorable experience

Personal info: Has 1 daughter, Aubre' Shewmake, a very accomplished artist, owner of Warrior Paint. All paintings are donated to "warriors" who are battling cancer, PTSD, autism or has any physical or mental challenge they are battling with. These are the true warriors and heroes. 

New Venue, House of Blues

I am very honored to have the opportunity to perform at The House of Blues in Dallas! They have an amazing restaurant there and I will be performing regularly. I hope you'll come out to have some amazing food and listen to some music, plus I hope you'll come up and say "hi". Check my Schedule for Performance Dates here as well as other opportunities around the DFW area. 


Now performing at House of Blues in Dallas! Check performance dates in "Schedule"

Now performing at House of Blues in Dallas! Check performance dates in "Schedule"

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