“He takes the time to get to know the audience after the performance, very approachable and fun to talk to”

“It's all about song selection! I'm always surprised to hear him doing music that most artists would never tackle, music by Sting, very hard to perform”

“We love that it's not just acoustic music which can get pretty boring! He has a few tracks that are included that add to a memorable performance”

“At our venue we noticed how the ambience of the performance is always laid back, yet exciting and interesting to listen to. A ”calm" comes over the audience"
"Tim does a great job of performing classic acoustic rock music while preserving the original feel of the song".
"He doesn't take breaks, so you get a lot of music for what you pay him"'
"The audience settles in to listen to the music so we usually have people sit for hours while dining with us".
"It's always a great time when Tim comes out to perform! The audience loves to join him and sing along which adds to the total experience for everyone!".
"Tim has a very smooth voice, combined with a warm acoustic guitar it's a wonderful combination".
"His music choice has all the songs in it that people enjoyed from the 70's and 80's, The Eagles, James Taylor, Bob Seger, Elton John and many more".
"His stage is well set with quality equipment that delivers quality sound without ever overwhelming the audience". 
"Tim has always been very flexible and easy to work with. If you want him to turn up or down the volume he does this without any hesitation, if you need him to play longer he's always available".