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Sometime After Midnight
© 2019 Timothy Shewmake

Sometime after midnight when all is asleep
In the quiet of the moonlight I embrace it all
But I’m wondering as I feel the gentleness of the night
When will it all end and I won’t sing again

How can I be all alone in the still of the evening
When my words softly spoken only heard now by God
And feel so peaceful yet my thoughts won’t let me sleep
So I’ll write all this down

For someone else to hear ever song quite revealing
A part of me I never meant for you to know
Without regret you must have known I had but one wish
To never feel like I was all alone, all alone, all alone

Sometimes after midnight in the starlight I’ll whisper
A prayer of hope to make sense of it all
Our lives pass us by like the wind in our face
And leave us dreaming of what lies ahead
Sometimes after midnight
© 2016 Timothy Shewmake