From the recording "Through the Storm"

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You Are With Me
© July 11, 2015 Timothy Shewmake

Driving down the road singing to the radio and lost in the moment
Perfect summer day a few clouds a light wind they say it might rain then I take a glance
To the seat where you used to laugh, used to smile, would sing with me-I catch myself
Wondering what this day would be if you were here with me and I miss you

I thought that yesterday would fade away as I painted over every scene of you
Dancing in my mind memories left behind
You smiled and waved and walked away into my past all the love you had for me was gone
I could only say goodbye I wish I could have asked you why

Will there ever be a second chance when the evening falls and the stars shine
You walk up on me tap my shoulder touch my face look at me kiss my cheek in tears
Say we will be fine the time was wrong but now two ships won’t pass again
And the love you thought you didn’t have grew into forever
Let’s go drive and sing-- you are with me, you are with me, you are with me