1. Without You

From the recording "Through the Storm"


Without You
Tim Shewmake Copyright 2011
Day breaks my empty room where you slept with me
I awaken to the deafening sound of ‘good morning’ never said
Unconsciously I reach for you, I guess my mind eludes
That when it’s all said and done your memory’s all I have

Without you, I’m not the same, without you
Without you what will I do?

I exude a strong stance so no one’s ever known
There’s any part of me that’s weak and desperate for your love
Friends call as night falls, my day’s finally through
They think I’m alright but no one knows the truth

Without you, I’m not the same, without you what will I do?
I’m sick and tired of what I feel I can do nothing to get you back
I must go on and live my life without you
Without you, without you
Where are you now? Why did you go? Will you ever come back?
My never ending plea….without you