1. Save Me

From the recording "Through the Storm"


Save Me
Tim Shewmake 2014
The day begins waking all too soon, I open my eyes empty and depressed
The past of my regrets haunts my every dream so even if I sleep I won’t rest
And I pray please take me away to another life, to any place, somewhere to be anyone but me
I close my eyes and imagine another shore, I see the sun, I feel the wind, I dream of love Why can’t it be for me? For me……….
I step out into Main Street to take the bus to town, walk into my job at the desk
No one sees me there as long as I do the work, no one seems to know me or even care
And I look out the window at the busy street
And wonder if they live the life they wanted or just ended here
After high school and college was this the plan, to end up working on Main Street it’s not my dream
I’m a prisoner, of my shattered life someone rescue me
I am a prisoner, is there any refuge here will no one come for me
I’ll take the long walk home alone tonight across the park next to the sea
By that little church that once was home for me maybe I’ll stop by and pray
I hope they remember me, the way I was before,
And maybe a ray of hope will shine through painted glass
If somehow I can find the love that long ago, warmed my heart, gave me real hope Oh God can you hear me? Save me, save me, save me Lord………