1. Goodbye

From the recording "Through the Storm"


April 14, 2011 1:13 AM Timothy Shewmake "for Ed and Barbara" 

As the silence fell they took you away
    I would never hear you laugh again
But at least your pain has passed to joy and you can sleep in peace

Late at night the memories whisper
    Reminds me of the day we met
The dreams we had this wasn’t one
    Where you’d be gone-is this a dream 

Goodbye, goodbye I hate to say goodbye
     Goodbye, goodbye, it’s only for a while

 Just last week you called my name
    I’d give anything to hear you again
Many years we suffered together
    A fearless fight seems to no avail 

What was the reason behind it all?
So many tears, so many prayers
 We may never know until we meet again
But it won’t matter then, we’ll be with Him
    Then I’ll never have to say goodbye 

Goodbye, goodbye I hate to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, it’s only for a while…………..