Coming Home
© 2019 Timothy Shewmake

So many words left unsaid and things left undone

My life has come apart Lord help my find my way
To a home in my mind I have yet to find I would give anything just to be there

In the distance on another shore Not far away not too far to roam
Love’s all around me and I can finally rest
I would go anywhere

Friends and family all around
A home outside of town
Wind in the shade, hope is in the air
Love comes easily, it’s all as it should be
Where I am left unaware

Of the troubles once I knew
The past that failed me, the tears I cried
All the friendships that passed away
Have led me to this day

I’m coming home, I’m on my way
I’m coming home, coming home to stay
Oh Jesus, please light the road
So I can make my way home