From the recording "Through the Storm"


He Calmed the Sea
Tim Shewmake 2011

We cast out to sea for an evening’s journey with a calm evening’s wind we’re sailing smoothly
There’s talk of good times, we’ve been with Jesus, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings

Then as sudden as fright a storm soon gathers the wind starts to blow our happiness shatters
Tossed in the sea, or cries seem so worthless I tried the fight the storm alone
And I saw my destiny in the waves around me and I felt like I’d die in the sea
Then the Lord called my name as He walked on the waves and I knew that we’d/I’d soon be safe
It was Jesus, He calmed the sea

Floating along on life’s sea lane all my future seemed to hold was smooth sailing
Then the storm clouds grew and tossed my life around I tried to fight the storm alone