From the recording "Through the Storm"

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Love of Your Dreams
Timothy Shewmake

In the big city and all through the country
Crying and wishing for love
Are so many hurting, waiting for someone
Tears shed alone in the dark

So you hide in seclusion be amidst the illusion
That you never will meet the right one
And alone deep inside you it always surrounds you
That you’ll always be living alone

So you open your heart in sad desperation
To a vision that’s not really there
And the image you seek is not a real person
Just a rainbow you’ll chase anywhere

Far from the night time that is flowing in your mind
Is a morning of love that is real
Someone’s there waiting that loves you and you’ll find
That this someone is standing right there

Always there waiting was this someone that you longed for
And searched all your life to find
Now the love of your dreams is right next to your heart
Just wanting a chance to abide

So just open your heart and let this love find you
Take the hand of this friend and you’ll find
That the love of your dream is right next to your heart
And the love of your dreams will be inside